How to Assemble a Drafting Table

How to Assemble a Drafting Table

If you are having problems assembling your drafting table, the three main reasons could be the instructions, the time spent, and the level of difficulty. Assembling your table should be easy if you understand the instructions, you spent enough time on it, and you have some help.

Depending on the complexity of the drafting table, the average time needed to assemble one range from half an hour to two hours. It is also highly recommended that you do it with someone to assist you since these drafting tables are known to be difficult to assemble.

Here are some tips on how to assemble a drafting table. But before that, you should be familiar with the type of drafting table you have.

Types of Drafting Tables

Artists, engineers, and architects use drafting tables because they are stable enough for drafting, drawing, and reading blueprints. Here are the four types of drafting tables.

  1. Folding tables are ideal for artists and those who are always on the go. You can set them up and take them down easily. These are also more affordable than the other types of drafting tables.
  2. Portable tables are lightweight like folding tables. These are the tables usually used by artists who paint outdoors and students who can easily take them to and from their classes.
  3. Adjustable-height tables have a lightbox and controls to help you adjust the amount of light. They are typically used by professional graphic artists and architects.
  4. Split-level drafting tables are typically utilized in offices and homes. Their design allows you to either stand or sits while working on projects.

General instructions: How to Assemble a Drafting Table?

The first thing to consider when assembling a drafting table is the spot in your work area where you will place the table. Assemble the desk right where you intend to put it instead of assembling it someplace else and moving it.

This will not only save you time and effort, but it will also help you check if the spot you chose has enough space to accommodate your range of motion while drafting or drawing. If you are assembling the drafting table on a linoleum or wood floor, you should put a mat on the floor first.

Upon removing the parts from the box, double-check to make sure all the parts are there, and there aren’t any defects. If there is a missing part or a defective piece, call the manufacturer immediately for a replacement.

Some manuals only have illustrations and not many people find them easy to follow. Again, this is why assembling a drafting table should not be done alone.

Assembly Instructions

Depending on the manufacturer and type of your drafting table, the parts may slightly differ. But regardless of the brand or the type, here are the steps you need to follow when putting the parts together:

  • Find the larger parts. These are the base frame and the tabletop in most, if not all, drafting tables.
  • Separate the larger parts from the smaller parts, which are typically the tool drawers, storage compartments, guide rack, pencil ledge, wood screws, and hinges.
  • Put the base frame on the floor right side up.
  • Using a screwdriver, attach the leg tubes or wheels to the base frame with the screws. Double-check to make sure the legs are level and tight.
  • Put the tabletop on the floor upside down then put the base frame into the guide tracks.
  • Screw the front of the base frame into the tracks. Double-check to make sure the base frame is securely attached to the tabletop.
  • Turn the table upright and connect the pencil ledge. Two holes should be drilled into the front of the tabletop.
  • Secure two screws in the tabletop and pencil ledge openings.
  • Test the adjustments of the drafting table’s angle as well as the height, if adjustable. Adjust it first to the angle and height that you will find most comfortable working work at. It should be smooth and easy. Otherwise, something is wrong with either the product itself or the assembly.
  • After putting all the parts together and checking the adjustments, test the weight capacity of the drafting table. Shake the table a little to test whether or not it wobbles.


Don’t assemble your drafting table alone. Have someone help you and allow 30 minutes to two hours to put it together.

Manufacturers of folding, portable, adjustable-height, and split-level drafting tables don’t include the same parts in the box. But in general, just start putting together the larger parts before the smaller ones.