Studio Designs 42-Inch Vintage Drafting Table Review

Studio Designs 42-Inch Vintage Drafting Table Review
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In general, what makes drafting tables different from regular tables is their board incline angle that can be adjusted to a comfortable drawing position.

You can adjust the height of your drafting table so you can use it while either sitting or standing.

If you are going to stand and walk around while using the drafting table, choose a drafting table with a split top. If you are going to sit, go for a drafting table with only one height, such as the 42-inch vintage drafting table by Studio Designs.

The Studio Designs 42-inch vintage drafting table is ideal for women. This armless brown table is made of solid wood with a rustic oak finish so it is sturdy enough for drafting, drawing, craft, and arts but not ideal for sewing.

Artists who want to combine antique aesthetics with a modern touch in their workstation will love this vintage drafting table. It looks like an original piece from the 1800s.

The maximum weight capacity limit of this drafting table is 25 lbs. While the table is very sturdy, it is important to use good judgment when putting things on top of it.

Since its legs cannot be adjusted, this drafting table is not something you can lower to the ground for children to use. But for persons with disabilities who want to draw or paint, this table is very useful.

If you paint with watercolors, this draft table will work very well for you. It is also an excellent drawing board for pastels, graphite, and colored pencil.

Wooden drafting tables like this easily fit into most furniture arrangements at home or in the office. One good spot where you should position the table is under the window where you can get the most of natural light.

When assembling the unit, make sure that you set the parts on a surface that is clean and soft. It is necessary to use a screwdriver.

Features of the Studio Designs 42-Inch Vintage Drafting Table

  • The drafting table’s top can be angled up to 71 degrees.
  • Its two legs are fixed and cannot be raised or lowered.
  • It has two feet, three crossbars, two U-brackets, two brackets, two knobs, four-floor levelers, one Allen wrench, and 16 dowels.
  • It has one built-in pencil ledge that measures 24 inches.
  • It has six pairs of bolt connectors.
  • Among the 16 Allen bolts, 10 measure 25-inch x 3 inches while six are 0.25-inch x 1 inch.
  • Among the 14 Philips screws, 12 measure 3/16 inch x ¾ inch while two are 3/16 inch x 1 ¼ inches.


  • This drafting table looks elegant.
  • It blends in well with other furniture.
  • It is well-designed.
  • It is lightweight but stable.
  • It feels very sturdy.
  • It is very versatile.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It has a remarkable tilt.
  • When flat, it has a good standing height for most users.
  • When folded down, it fits well in a small space.
  • Its table angle is fully adjustable.
  • The angle adjustment is easy to operate.
  • The wooden material is beautifully finished.
  • The size is just enough for most users.
  • While you are drafting, the desk neither wiggles nor moves.
  • With proper care, it can last for decades without wearing out.


  • This drafting table is a little pricey compared to other drafting tables.
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The Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table is more expensive for a reason. With its beautifully finished wooden material, it is a piece of art and will be your reliable companion and workstation for decades.

Made of solid wood with a rustic oak finish, this drafting table is beautiful and well-designed so it nicely blends in with other furniture. Its functionality is also as great as its aesthetics.

Despite this drafting table’s lightweight, it is very sturdy, stable, and versatile. It features a remarkable tilt and a fully adjustable table angle which you will find it easy to operate.

This drafting table fits well in a small space when folded it down. For most users, it has a good standing height when flat and will be a good size.

Putting together the parts of this drafting table is hassle-free. The table is designed to last long if you take care of it, you can maintain its beauty and functionality for decades.

There are two items that are usually bought with this drafting table. These are the Ponderosa Chair in Expresso 13249and the 12022 Swing Arm Lamp with 13-watt CFL Bulb, which is both from Studio Designs.

With an adjustable height, the chair has a pneumatic seat on a five-star metal base and five wheel casters that provide easy mobility. The chair, which is 23 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 32.5-37.25 inches high, also comes with a wooden backrest.

The swing arm lamp comes with a 13-watt CFL bulb. Its flexible arm extends up to 36 inches.

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