Tangkula Drafting Table Art and Craft Drawing Desk Review

Tangkula Drafting Table Art and Craft Drawing Desk Review
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The Tangkula Drafting Table Art and Craft Drawing Desk is for those who are looking for a lightweight but durable table for their workstation. The black table comes with a black padded stool.

This is a complete set for your drafting and drawing. The weight capacity is 132 lbs for the drafting desk and 187 lbs for the stool.


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Overall, the drafting desk is 49.8 inches long, 23.7 inches wide and 30.3 inches high. You can adjust the angle of the table top housekeeping the height stationary.

For a teen or an adult, this drafting table is tall enough for drawing, coloring, reading, or writing. If you are having problems with neck pain from hunching, the desk is high enough to let you have your head comfortably tilted upwards.

Aside from comfort and durability, you want a drafting table that you can easily clean after use. The whiteboard of this drafting table is easy to clean. However, you may need a cleaner that is stronger than a regular glass cleaner for stains.

The tabletop is made of wood and to help you draw crispier lines, the wooden top has a smooth finish. You get plenty of storage from the table’s ledges and three shelves. You can safely put a wet appliance in the additional hollow metal shelf.

You can rely on the durability of Tangkula Drafting Table Art and Craft Drawing Desk frames, which are made of powder-coated steel. Aside from steel, the materials of the table are medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and coated polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Many drafting tables nowadays have a steel frame, which is as strong as the traditional oak frame. In terms of portability, steel frames are much better than wooden frames.

While MDF is made up of separated fibers, it can be used as a building material like plywood. Compared to particleboard, MDF is much denser and stronger.

With its lightweight and strength, PVC is a plastic commonly used in construction. It is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world.

Made of MDF board with coated PVC and steel frame, the drawing desk is sturdy enough for drawing and drafting. However, putting monitors on top of it is not advisable.

While parents can use this as a drafting desk, children can use it for painting and studying. You can put your drawing paper, paint set, and other daily items in the three woven fabric drawers.

The drafting table has a computer desk footpad made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), an amorphous material so it has no true melting point. ABS is soft and it efficiently prevents slipping or damage to the floor especially is if it is wooden.

Features of the Tangkula Drafting Table Art and Craft Drawing Desk

  • The drafting table has an adjustable main workstation.
  • Its construction is a mix of powder-coated steel and wood.
  • There is an additional hollow metal shelf.
  • Its additional storage shelf comes with three drawers.
  • Its stool is padded.
  • It has a computer desk footpad.


  • This drafting table is very sturdy and stable.
  • It is multi-functional.
  • It looks very nice.
  • It is very adjustable.
  • It is comfortable to work on.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It has an extra hollow metal shelf for a wet appliance.
  • Its padded stool makes the work experience as comfortable as possible.
  • It is a great tool for mechanically inclined users.
  • The tilting desktop works efficiently.
  • The storage bins are nice.
  • The storage is spacious and practical.
  • The computer desk foot pad protects the floor well.


  • It is easy to assemble but it may require some time and some extra help, especially for those who have no experience putting furniture together.


Update your décor with the Tangkula Drafting Table Art and Craft Drawing Desk. Whether you need a workstation for your model railroad repairs and builds or a sturdy desk for home use, this is a great choice.

Along with its padded stool, this drafting table guarantees comfort, durability, and versatility. With an MDF tabletop and a steel frame, the drawing desk and the stool have a remarkable weight capacity.

You can adjust the angle of the tabletop to remain comfortable for long periods of work. It can also be used at home by children who are learning how to paint.

The drafting table itself has a beautiful design and is an excellent addition to your art room. It is a perfect inspiration for those who are dedicating their extra time to arts, for adults and children alike.

Underneath the tabletop, you can store your picture scroll, brush pot, and other items on a single shelf. If this storage is not enough, you still have the side drawers.

This drafting table will stay with you for years as long as you take care of it. After every use, you can easily clean any dirt with a damp cloth.

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